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Caber Tossing jokes

An Englshman, a Scotsman and an Irishman head off to watch the Olympic Games. When they finally reach the ”Blrd’s Nest” the guard on the gate says ”Sorry lads, sod off, we’re full”

Off they go, and the Englishman sees a long tube laying on the ground, so he picks it up and goes back to the Stadium.. The guard asks him where he thinks he is going... The Englisman holds up the tube and says: ”England, Javelin team”.. guard says, ok mate, in you go!

Scotsman sees all this and has an idea... he rips up a nearby telegraph pole and carris it under his arm to the gate.. when he sees the guard he says ”Scotland, Caber-tossing team”.

He too gets in this way.

Not to be undone, the Irishman grabs a roll of barbed wire, shoves it on his shoulder and goes up to the gate...





”Ireland.... fencing team!”


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