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A Houston newspaper carried a story recently that told of a young girl that was trying out for a position on a cheerleading squad at a Harris County High School. The paper also told of another girl who was really good that

the first girl had to beat in order to get the only position on the squad.

The mother of the first girl really wanted her daughter to make the squad and decided to go to any length to accomplish this. So she decided to hire a hit man to `rub out’ both the other girl AND her mother!

The law enforcement officers of Harris County get wind of this, and place one of their officers in as the hit man. The officer meets with the mother and after finding out what she has done, tells her a price for getting the

job done. The mother exclaims that she doesn’t have that kind of money. But the officer says, well, for today only we will have a 1/2-price special,

and the mother agrees (she had to hock a diamond right to pay for the deal).

Well, the officer idetifies himself and arrests her for Solicitation of Capital Murder. But the kicker to this story was that during the indictment hearing, it was revealed that there were actually 2 spots open on the cheerleading squad.


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Yo Mama Is So Ugly She Has More Zits Than The Jv Cheerleading Squad.


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One day two girls were trying out for the school cheerleading squad. One was a blonde and one was a brunette. After they both had tryouts, they went home to wait until the results were posted. The blonde goes to see if she made it that night. Once she found out she made it she got out her cell phone and called the brunette, but she didn’t answer, so the blonde just went back home. The next day the brunette called the blonde to see if she wanted to go with her to look at their scores. The blonde says sure and meets the brunette at the school. The brunette beats the blonde to the school, so she goes ahead and looks at the scores to find out they both made it. When the blonde gets there, she finds her name on the list again. Then she says, ”Yes!! I made it again, I made it last night and I made it again today. I am on a roll!”


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Why did the blonde quit cheerleading?

She was so embarrassed when she did the splits and class rings

fell out from under her.


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Q: How many cheerleaders does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Depends how many of them are blonde


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