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A man is in a pawnshop and sees this beautiful Grandfather Clock and winds up buying it. He asks the owner if he can deliver the clock and the owner replies that he cannot make deliveries. So only living a few blocks away the man decides to strap the clock on his back and carry it the few blocks. After a block or so, a drunk comes staggering out of a bar and bumps into the man knocking him down on his back and smashing the clock to bits. He then jumps up and starts cussing the drunk out and saying ”look what you did to my beautiful clock you idiot” The drunk then replies, gee buddy I’m really sorry why don’t you wear a wristwatch like everyone else.


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When I die I want go like my Grandfather-peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.


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A little girl climbed into her grandfather’s lap and studied his white, balding head. She ran her fingers along the deep wrinkles and road mapped his face and neck.

”Did god make you?” , she asked.

”yes” he answered.

”did god makeme, to?” she wondered.

”yes”, he replied.

”well, she shrugged, ”don’t you think he’s doing a better job now than he used to?”


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The eight-year-old was asked by his grandfather.

”What is the first thing you notice about a girl?”

The boy, with a knowledge beyond his years, said, ”That all depends on which direction she’s facing.”


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A well dressed Canadians man demanded as soon as he entered the restaurant: ”Serve me, quick! Give me your best. I don’t care the price.”

Not like the way he talked, the waiter said to him: ”Hey Buddy, it doesn’t matter you have a lot of money. You are still son of somebody, and grandson of somebody else.”

The Canadians man raged: ”Dare you! Tell me, who wants me to be his grandson?”

The waiter replied with ease: ”Nobody. Just your grandfather.”


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