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Jesse Jackson Died And Went To Heaven. But When He Got To The Pearly Gates, St. Peter Wouldn’t Let Him In.

”we’re Getting Pretty Crowded Up Here,” Said St. Peter. ”we’re Only Letting People In That Have Done Something Special. Have You?”

”well,” Said Jesse, ”i Was A Minister And I Preached The Gospel.”

”sorry,” Said St. Peter, ”ministers Are A Dime A Dozen Up Here. Anything Else?”

”i Was A Civil Rights Leader,” Said Jesse.

”not Good Enough,” Said St. Peter. ”we’ve Already Got Martin Luther King.”

jesse Thought For A Minute And Then Said, ”i Was Elected The First Black President Of The United States.”

”that Is Impressive,” Said St. Peter. ”when Did This Happen?”

”about Five Minutes Ago.”


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Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson were at the gym and they were in the shower and Bill

noticed how big Jesse was. So Bill asked and Jesse replied ”Every night I get it and hit it

against the bed post 3 times.” Bill was excited and got home and Hillary was already asleep.

So Bill tried and hit his slong 3 times and Hillary woke up and said ”Jesse, is that



Joke #30149 posted in the category: Jokes about Jesse Jackson.

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