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LeBron James jokes

As part of his new contract, LeBron James has been given majority ownership in a new cell phone provider.

They have a liberal roaming policy, but the phones have no rings.


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LeBron James is taking his basketball and huge ego to South
Beach. He will team with fellow superstars Dwyane Wade
and Chris Bosh to form The Three Mi-amigos.


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In Miami, LeBron should be able to do what he does best--drive the lane--unless, of course, he gets behind a senior with his turn signal on.


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Miami believes it’s found a way to lure LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Heat. It’s called ”a miracle.”

Why does Drew Carey want Lebron James to stay in Cleveland? Because misery loves company!

The New York Knicks have cleared enough salary cap room to acquire LeBron James. Now all they have to do is give him a team worth joining.

LeBron James has said he’s happy in Cleveland. Granted, he’s spent most of his life in Akron, so Cleveland is actually a step up.

LeBron James has returned home to Akron, Ohio. As if losing the conference finals wasn’t punishment enough.

LeBron James’ girlfriend is pregnant with the couple’s third child, giving James the NBA record for most kids with the same woman.

LeBron James called Charles Barkley ”stupid” in response to Barkley’s comments that James did not show Cleveland proper respect by discussing possible free agency after the 2010 season. Today ABC announced that LeBron James and Charles Barkley would be added to the cast of the View.

LeBron James dropped in 33 points against the Jazz. James scored so much, Utah made him an honorary Mormon.

LeBron James may be signing an extension this summer to stay with the Cavs. The Knicks are having trouble wooing him, since he’s seen Knicks games.

LeBron James cheered up his teammates after their loss to the Knicks by taking them to a topless bar. His plan worked great - it was the most focused the team has been all year long.


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