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Santa Banta jokes

Santa and Banta had just bought two horses. Now the problem was that they could not differenciate between the two horses. So, one day Santa cuts the left ear of his horse, so that it is easy to know that it is his horse. While doing so, an enemy of Santa looks at him. This enemy also cuts the left ear of banta.
By doing so santa and banta come in confusion to differenciate. So, next thing santa keeps on cutting his horse’s right ear, then his tail, then makes him blind and so on. And the enemy also kept on doing so with banta’s horse. At last Santa’s horse had no legs left and banta’s horse was with one leg only. The enemy also went and cut banta’s horse one leg. So, in the morning it was the same sitaution, How to diffrenciate thier horses. So, after thinking and putting lots of effort to thier mind - Santa said - O. K You keep the black one and i will keep the white.


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One day, this guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink. Then he asks for another. After a couple more drinks, the bartender gets worried.

”What’s the matter?” the bartender asks.

”My wife and I got into a fight,” explained the guy ”and now she isn’t talking to me for a whole 31 days.”

The bartender thought about this for a while. ”But, isn’t it a good thing that she isn’t talking to you?” asked the bartender.

” Yeah, except today is the last night.


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A man was in court charged


parking his car in a restricted area. The judge asked if he had


to say in his defense. ”They shouldn’t put up such misleading

notices,” said the man. ”It said FINE FOR PARKING HERE.”


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Santa’s ferrari

Santa singh shows up at his friend Banta Singh’s Place in a Brand New - Red Ferarri.

Banta: Wow Banta, ke gaddi hai (What a car)Kithon laiye (where did you get it from)

Santa: Main highway te lift mung reha se... Gori Mem aaee te meine kende ”want a ride Mr. Singh” I hopped in, and she took me to the woods. Once in woods she got outside took off clothes and said to me ”Mr Singh. take anything”

Banta is quite excited and asks ”tu ke keeta Santa ”

Santa: Mian gaddi lai layee. (I took the car)

Banta: Changa keeta kapde tenu fit bhi nahi aane se (good showyou wouldn’t have fit into her clothes)


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Bus ride

Santa Singh and Banta Singh landed up in Bombay. They managed to get into a double-decker bus. Santa Singh somehow managed to get a bottom seat, But unfortunate Banta got pushed to the top. After a while when the rush is over, Santa went upstairs to see friend Bannta Singh. He met Banta in a bad condition clutching the seats in front with both hands, scared to death. He says, ”Are Banta Singh! What the heck’s goin’ on? Why are you so scared? I was enjoying my ride down there? Scared Banta replies. ”Yeah, but you’ve got a driver.”


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