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Teeth jokes

What do you get it

you cross a porcupine

with a giraffe?

A long necked toothbrush.


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Three guys sitting in a bar around a log fire with their dogs and get talkin’ about them. First one says ”My dog is called woodworker.. go woodworker.” The dog grabs a log from fire and with his teeth and paws fashions a beautiful figurine. Next one says ”My dog is called stoneworker.. go stoneworker” The dog drags a rock from the fire front and a beautiful carving emerges. Third one says ”My dog is called iron worker” he puts the fire tongs into the fire and gets them red hot. ”Now,” he says ”I’ll just touch him on the balls and you watch him make a bolt for the door.”


Joke #2472 posted in the category: Teeth jokes.

Sheep don’t have a gag reflex, or upper teeth.

You can get a better grip on a sheep’s ear.

Sheep don’t shy away from boots and leather.

Cottonmouth is easier to get rid of than a social disease.

Nuttin’ beats mutton.

Sheep won’t argue about whose turn it is to go get a towel.

Sheep won’t drink your liquor, smoke your weed, snort your coke, and then tell you they have to be home early.

Sheep never ask if you’re ready to settle down.

Sheep never ask about you former lovers and then get pissed off when you tell them.



Joke #6310 posted in the category: Teeth jokes.

A little boy is waiting for his mom to come out of the changing room while shopping with her.

The little boy gets bored and when his mom comes out, she finds him sliding his hand up a dummy’s skirt.


The little boy quickly snatches his hand away and thanks his lucky stars that nothing serious happened.

So, for the rest of his life, this poor little boy grows up thinking that all women have teeth down below.

By the time he reaches 16, he finds himself a girl. One night, while her parents were out of town, she invites him over for a little action.

After a few hours of making out and grinding on the sofa, she asks him to go a bit further.

”What do you mean?” he asks.

”Well, why don’t you put your hand down there?” while pointing to her privates.

”HELL NO!” he cries. ”You’ve got teeth down there.”

”What?? No I don’t,” she responds.

”Yes you do,” he says. ”My mom told me that you do.”

”No I don’t,” she insists. ”Here, look for yourself.” With that, she pulls down her pants and gives him a little peek.

”No I’m sorry” he says. ”My mom already told me that all women have teeth down there.”

”Oh for crying out loud!” she screams. With that, she whips off her panties, throws her legs behind her head, and says, ”Look, I don’t have any teeth down there.”

He replies, ”Well, with the condition of those gums I’m not surprised.”


Joke #11542 posted in the category: Teeth jokes.

A 2nd grade teacher decides to teach sex ed. to her class. She starts out by drawing a penis on the chalk board and asks the class, ”Does anyone know what this is?”

And little Johnny says, ”Yes, my dad has 2 of them!”

And the teacher says, ”Are you sure about that?”

And little Johnny says, ”Yes, he uses a small skinny one to go to the bathroom, and a big long one to brush the babysitter’s teeth.”


Joke #11988 posted in the category: Teeth jokes.

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